Thursday, September 10, 2009

over the edge...

had i come to this, gently?
ah, no! on the contrary,
i came to this

beginning with a wicked, whirlwind of a crush
a heart that raced,
beat with the rhythm of a Spanish guitar
and weakened knees

over the edge,
and made useless by love
embroiled in a passion that has yet to
to be expressed...though my mind has lived
that passion a thousand times...
a thousand ways...


image source: Over_the_edge_by_energyphoto


Dulce said...

Once again I feel related to your words. They come from your heart and get to mine so easily.
PS- The photo is so depictful...(vertigo)

Chuck Dilmore said...

how you get your words
to come together
to the ear and to the eye
is a marvel to me, Calli!

wonderful stuff!

Shadow said...

sizzling! i love moments like that!!!

Karen said...

"over the edge, and made useless by love" - oh, it's as great place to be!

Have a great weekend, Calli! Hope yours is full of music and magic.

Cynthia said...

Wow! A pleasurable ride through
passion. Each sentence rivered into
the next - A rush.