Monday, September 14, 2009

for my love rests on wings...

for my love rests on wings
that flutter against the grain
of the wheat that blows wistfully
in the sweet winds of love

he waits for me

he knows the time is near...

i waited for him...
i wait for him still...
yet my transformation is not yet complete

like falling leaves in Autumn
his soul whispers cascade
on the breeze that carries our future
on the clouds that survey our landscape,
on the seas that chart our course
on meandering paths that we will walk
as we greet
covered bridges
where we will stop to kiss
and atop hay bails
where we'll play
in that old barn that rests up on the hill...

he waits so beautifully
he keeps to himself
knowing full well, that
i am almost there

he's enjoying the flight
yet he longs for me to fly along side him
on wings of butterflies
that carry us forth
to new places.
new dimensions of love



image source: 'to the source'... an older painting by Calli

click the link to view one of my completed WIP (work-in-progress):


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

So lovely, as always. Love your use of one of your images - it is beautiful.

Congratulations on being featured in this months issue of Poets and Artists.

Steve E. said...

Waiting, watching, anticipating, finally sharing, loving, still there much else?

Dulce said...

Wings so light and sublime can take your love as far as paradise...

Brilliant again, dear Calli.

...I've got a little present for you today in my awards post. :)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

sometimes I think transformations need to just get on with it - don't you think? But they move along in their own time but they do eventually happen. Definitely a continuing process. Very nice Calli.

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, Calli!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Wow!!! Loving the words and the picture you paint. You're definitely touching people with your writing.

Thanks for the visit and your kind words!

I'll be a regular!


Karen said...

I love the painting - very, very beautiful, and perfect emotions and words to accompany it. Flying of wings of butterflies -- what a delicate and joyous flight.

Calli said...

Bonnie~ thank you so much!

Steve~ ditto! i don't know, is there?

Dulce~ you are so generous, Dulce, thank you, dear girl! and thank you for that lovely present!

Deb~ oh my, i agree, they're never ending, it seems. we just keep moving from one level of transformation to the next...:)

Chuck~ thank you! i always enjoy your comments :)

Dayne~ that is a very generous thing to say. you do the very same at your place. i am also now a regular! :)...

Karen~ oh, weaver of sacred tales, you say the nicest things, and for just one day, i would love to fly upon wings of butterflies.

thank you all very much~

Shadow said...

on wings of butterflies, how perfect. but you, dear girl, are a butterfly in full glory already.

Calli said...

Shadow~ you, dear girl, are a very sweet friend and kindred spirit ...thank you!

Cynthia said...

Hi Calli, I enjoyed this sweetly
lyrical love poem. The concept
of a true lover waiting for his/her
love to morph into their ultimate
self is beautiful.