Friday, September 11, 2009

Calli...sort of...

Calli ~ Self-Portrait
11 x 14 ~ acrylic on canvas

This was an attempt at a self-portrait. Honestly, I find it very
difficult to paint my own likeness. I can capture certain features or aspects of myself
whether it be a feeling, or an emotion, but to be exact...No! but here she is, one of
a handful of recent attempts...

I have also done several rough sketches in preparation of the are a few...
this is the sketch prior to the painting in a recent post titled: in Her element ~ see a couple posts down...


the stages of...

I have this thing about photographing my paintings from different angles, must be that photographer's eye, the way I see things...this is also how I like to photograph people...

the world in her eyes...i liked this one as i have a chunk of green colour in my left eye...

The sketch/underpainting eventually turned out to be the published self-portrait. This painting went through many changes from beginning to end and I photographed every stage. I love to look back and realize the changes that took place during the making of...someday, I may make that into a video or slide show.

click the link on the upper right of my page or in the next post to view the
final portrait!

a sneak peek at my latest WIP

as always ~ thanks for viewing!


Chuck Dilmore said...

wow, Calli!
these are wonderful!
i love seeing all the stages!

each one is special.
suitable for framing!

nice, nice going~

Dulce said...

I love these self portraits of yours... Especially this one where thre is a green spot in your blue eye. You genius!