Monday, September 7, 2009

a stranglehold...

falling bodies
landing in a crypt
of broken hearts
of wants not satisfied
of needs not realized

where have you gone?
you were here
or were you just
an apparition
dust in the wimpering winds...

(an awakening)
(an awakening)

impassioned pleas
be with me...
take me with you...
a stranglehold on my heart
befalls my existence

as steeples rise and fall
as the mist vapors come and go
leaving an encasement
a shell
wishing to be born

when all that is wanted
is freedom gained

caged love
forsaken love
unrequited love
forgotten love
disdainful love

shadow me no longer
tear this cloak
shred it to the winds
flight take me now
for i wish to soar
on skies of cerulean blue
skies of blackened soot
do not suit my soul
with their shades of grey
not even the Moon
and the stars not dare...

bring forth
a way...
to exist plainly, simply
outside of your love

sheperds take heed
for darkness prevails here in this land
of stagnant beginnings
and endings that live on

dare not
want not
eclipsed heart
eclipsed dreams
sullen mind
sullen mood

dare not
want not...

a stranglehold...


image source: vertigo_jessica tremp


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

exquisite words of heart-rending, suffocating feelings we have all had at times . . .

Steve E. said...

Calli, your writings are naturally sensual, because YOU are, of course. But WHY do I then feel such "spiritual" vibes when I read your lines, especially the second time through?

I always read yours twice, BTW.

Dulce said...

Yes, I always read twice too- or more.
This is full of love again but the intense grieve is suffocating, I agree. But neither love nor grieve reduce the breathtaking passion in your words. I love it.Always so perfectly screened.
Btw. DO you like Renoir? today I've posted my poem with his work... hope you like it.

Shadow said...

i feel a tug... this is deep from the heart.

Calli said...

Such lovely comments, thank you, all!

...and Steve, I love your observations. In fact, Cynthia just mentioned that the other day. That is a wonderful compliment and I think, for me, I am hard-wired to the spiritual, so it is interlaced within my words and my paintings. At times, it is only ME that can see that or feel that, but to know that you and others can also see that, makes a girl feel good!

SarahA said...

You have found your niche in writing. You always write these deep feelings so well and give the reader( this reader) a chance of experiencing a raction of what you feel. Lovely jubbly, you.