Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sepia dreams...

sepia dreams
16 x 20 mixed media on canvas


sepia dreams
with melancholy
with your love

sepia dreams
in various shades of greys and browns
that cloud what was,
what is...

sepia dreams
antiqued like the memories
that still live

in you
in me
in us...


image source: new painting by Calli
some new pics at: G A R A H S T A H


Midnight Whisperer said...

"...antiqued like the memories that still live..." You Write Lovely Words.

Steve E. said...

Calli, your imagination runneth (into good places.) The art especially--I LOVE your painting "sepia dreams" which accompanies this poem.

Thank you.

Expat From Hell said...

So much is wrapped in sepia in this part of the world. Your words are razor-sharp, and describe the sentiment perfectly. What great talent you have...


Dulce said...

Dearest Calli,
If I ever send you a picture of mine will you paint it with your words?
I love this painting so much :)

Karen said...

Calli - This could have been written for me right now. Thank you for articulating it.

Chuck Dilmore said...

i'm loving this series, Calli!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Love them both, Calli.
The words. The painting.
Love the texture and pattern.
Great job!

SarahA said...

You are a true romantic and you say what I can not!

Shadow said...

dreamy! love your 'antiqued memories'...

Calli said...

Midnight Whisperer~ Thank you very much and for your visit!

Steve~ Big thanks to you! Peace!

Expat From Hell~ That is a lovely comment, thank you!

Dulce~ Absolutely YES! and thank you!

Karen~ I'm happy it spoke to you, for you...:)

Chuck~ Thanks! So cool that you recognized the 'series'...Only you, Mr!

Deb~ Thank you so much! I love working with textured backgrounds.

Saraha~ Very kind words, you! many thanks...

Shadow~ Again, kind words, thank you. I do love the dreamy antiqued quality of sepia photographs, old photographs, and memories...

Loved and enjoyed each of your comments!

Rispa Frances said...

A truely beautiful and inspirational blog! Thank you!

Chuck Dilmore said...

so, you hired a professional photographer!
and had new portraits taken!