Thursday, September 10, 2009

the essence of...

wanting him
desiring with a hunger, that defies logic.

how can one man be
so symbolic of the gods
and have such persuasive power?
and... not even know it
he's enchanting,
he breathes life
into my heart...
my soul...
my mind...

he sweeps through me and
creates in me a flame
an inextinguishable burning flame.
a passion unsurpassed
infused with an
energy to rival that of Olympians

he brings this to me and more...

what is it exactly?
if it could be named
i would
if it would be bottled
i could
and drink it up
have my fill
but would i ever feel
i've had enough?
i think not!
this brand of hunger
cannot be satisfied,
this hunger, an intensely
animal desire to be with him.
to have him near.

what is it?

elusive in nature, his essence,
deeply loving.
not at all contrived
it's simply his way.

i am confused by the urgency felt,
this need to know
is he my Garden of Eden?
or my Camelot?

such mysteries exist, but
to taunt?
to tease?
yet only for those of us
who demand answers,
explanations as to why
do we feel such unease

the only thing i know
is that he arrived like a whisper
a soft, knowing, gallant whisper.

perhaps, just to be
is the way
the only way

i am humbled by this silence, this lesson.
i need to let go
of the need to know

just let it be...
HIS essence elusive to me...


image source: oh for the fun of it, a pic of Gerard Butler, just because i can! ;)and please note this is NOT written about Gerard Butler, his photo just suited this post!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

ahh, Calli
once again you seem to express my own thoughts and feelings so perfectly!
How do you do it?

Calli said...

Wow, Deb, we must be of same mind!

I was just visiting your new lovely painting, and came back to find your equally lovely comment here.

Love your visits, thank you!

Steve E. said...

Calli, even though your writings are of your feelings towards a certain type of men (or a man), I thoroughly enjoy reading.

Well-chosen, well thought-out words communicate.

And you certainly have found the key to doing just that.

I really admire your work.

Shadow said...

it's that unnameable elusive essence that captivates. perfectly descriptive!!!

Dulce said...

Yes it's when it defies logic that we start losing control and everything evolves around Him. A beautiful feeling and deeper than any other of us humans... yet, so harmful at the same time.

laughingwolf said...

what fills the gaps: the love of your pets never ends...

Chuck Dilmore said...

the kinda guy
you could hava beer with,
shoot some hoops, burp, right? yeah?

but when ya get past his mug
and read your words, THEN
it becomes a work of art!

SarahA said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what is it? Tell me! Ha! I am liking your words, you.
*whispers* I am pretty much liking that picture too.