Saturday, September 12, 2009

wanting to know more...

the experience of him
being near him
brought whispers
of a love of past
and inklings of a future love

to feel known
and to feel from him
the desire, to be known more fully
a lovely feeling, indeed!

she thought she knew him
but discovered, and pleasantly so
that he was so much more
than what she thought,
this seemed impossible (though she knows that nothing is impossible).
for he was already upon a pedestal in her mind
she thought to herself, "how can this be?" ...
"he's fantastic"...
"i want to know more"...


knowing others on the deepest level
is her way and also his

so the two shall meet
magnify their qualities
grow as two,
stronger than one...

wanting to know someone
inside and out
that drive
that force
that says, I MUST know more


he searches every inch of her
his need as great as hers
this is the way it should be

he sees things in her that
delight and surprise
for he also thought he knew her
but together
there is something

oh, the joy they will share getting to know MORE...


image source: relationships_seduction


Karen said...

Calli - CONGRATULATIONS on being featured in Poets and Artists! What a great honor, especially since this magazine seeks out the artists! Your work looks great, and you are so deserving!! Yay!

laughingwolf said...

would that such would last...

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...


I just checked out the photostream of your artwork. It is truly beautiful and varied. Do you have a site to sell it on Etsy - or are you represented by a gallery?

You have so many talents!

Mariana Soffer said...

It is a beautifull poem, and you have great quotes in your blog. Just wanted to tell you that, cause I am not really in the mood for love. Lucky you are

Bye bye

Dulce said...

two who need to know each other more and more.
But do you think we ever get to know the other that much- do we ever get to know ourselves that much? Anyway, it's our goal, a divine goal.
You are a woman in love with Love- if there's someone you can share all this with how lucky both of you are.
Thanks for giving us such lovely thoughts in such precious poems.
And thanks for coming by and your sweet comments..
Yes, you are a love :)

Calli said...

What lovely comments to enjoy with my morning coffee...

Karen~ Thanks so much! It was a challenge for me, but was such an honor to be asked to contribute.

laughingwolf~ That it would last, would be any loves dream fulfilled.

Bonnie~ Thank you so much! The flickr photostream is mostly old watercolours and sketches. I do have a website and an art blog. Both of those links are directly above my music player. I have not opened an Etsy account, perhaps, I should. Gallery representation is something I hope to achieve very soon.

Mariana~ Love your comment, thank you. There are days when I too am not in the mood for love. Happens to all of us...;)

Dulce~ Such a lovely comment. Thank you, dearest. I think when the love found is completely right, we spend a lifetime getting to know one another. I think that is when the hunger to know is amplified and we adore so much our beloved that it always feels new & exciting and we just cannot seem to get enough. This is when you know its right and true...and yes, you are the first person to say that I am a woman in love with Love! That is a true statement sweet friend.

I appreciate each & every heartfelt comment~have a beautiful Sunday~

Steve E. said...

Am I the first man to see that you are in love with love, Calli? I bet NOT!

I viewed your self-portrait in "Poets and Artists" and browsed around. What a treat!

And I love your art work--AND your poetry, of course, of course.

I love and read Dulce every day also, and of course, Shadow. You peeps lift my spirits daily--it is the goal of the true artist, to lift up the minds and hearts of others to God.

After all, was it not God Who gave you all these gifts? Thank you SO much for sharing your talents!


Chuck Dilmore said...

when i read you...

i see hope
standing just behind the love...

you think there is more
to know and want and love...

and always
you are right, Calli~

Dayne Gingrich said...

Hi Calli,

Wow... before even reading, I could sense such a warm and caring spirit. Love your beautiful pics and words.

I'll be following for sure! Looking forward to continued reading.

When you have a minute, I'd love for you to stop by and tell me what you think. I write about creating new mindsets~ mindsets that will eventually lead to a more peaceful life.