Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JD where is he when I need him?...a 180 for me...

oh that man, that JD.
he drives all the ladies crazy!

he's the quintessential bad boy,
with a wicked sensual side
prized by Brando himself,  in Don Juan.

and he's a Pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow) that SO turns it on...

i've got friends plentiful, who love him so
doesn't matter what age, they all want to know, JD
even ask, my child number three, has had fights with me ;)

this is also for Dee, besides me,  (she's at another blog)
but she knows what I mean. 
she's got it too, it's a sickness ;)

 he brings tingles up and down my spine
when he played in Benny & Joon,
i wanted to make him mine!

oh, JD you sexy, beautiful man
and put up against my other love?
AR (Alan Rickman) well, sweet it is!
but next time don't kill my man,  you Sweeney Todd, have 
some respect, AR's your elder...;)

but what a discovery that you can sing!
i knew you had your roots in a band
but just knowing you can carry a tune
simply magnifies your charm.

who needs Brad or Clooney, we got you
you cover it all, sweet & true
and to top it all off
According to a new survey in Britain’s Cosmopolitan Magazine, Johnny Depp is the sexiest man in the world. 

 oh, JD i need to see The Man Who Cried (again & again).
speaking of Men, they all love you too
and want what you got, but damn
it's innate with you and it can't be bought
so they just have to make do...

Ooo, and give me some Chocolat, Juliette can
live without. she won't mind
i gotta have that gypsy soul
matches so well with mine.

 oh,  Edward Scissorhands...that was so cool!

Gilbert Grape, you were sweet...
Finding Neverland? you were a dream...
i'm not sure where i loved you best
i just know you got that somethin
that makes finding out, so worth the quest!

 oh, JD whenever i am blue
you bring the sunshine, so true!
if i could put you in my pocket
like a little charm, i would...
but seeing your face works just fine!
that's your sole purpose 
as i always say, for that face to grace my pages.
i'm a little selfish that way.
you're like candy 
and i got no complaints
that Vanessa, she's one lucky lady!

ya know tho, you freaked me out a little
in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
maybe it was those big teeth, i don't know
but let's let Gene Wilder keep that role. 

and now you're the Mad Hatter, can't wait to see!
not released in theaters till Spring 2010? ah, but i'll probably wait till 
you're out on DVD.
(why couldn't it be 2003?...;) 

You and Tim Burton make quite a pair  ~
glad you've collaborated it's been anything but square

 Ooo, and somehowSleepy Hollow, i've yet to see

i need a JD fix,
better get to Netflix ! 

© 2009

*this was a trip to write, long overdue.
that JD! ahh...he's somethin!
but, JD give up the smokes, Baby! they'll kill ya! 

written totally & completely ~ All In Fun!!! and provided some damn good therapy! ;)

*just in! ~ just found this hilarious video about my boy, Johnny Depp, a perfect fit for this pre-scheduled post (eleven minutes before it's set time) do i get so lucky?!!! ...just proves the 'sickness' spreads far & wide...;)
~ enjoy! ~


Dulce said...

If he ever sees this he'll know he's got the best reviewer to be found. Yes- who needs Cloony or Pitt? But I couln't do without A. Brody either!: The most handsome ugly man in the world...)

Shadow said...

damn right he's the sexiest man in the world. thanks for this pleasure!


Love the poem!! Beautiful.. you need to come visit us at

We all have JDOCD.. it's not terminal..

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

We must be sisters!! And I said exactly the same thing about Clooney and Brad! And he is also a talented artist like yourself so there you go! And I also loved him in that movie Secret Window where he played the writer. I would love to be original but the entire world seems crazy for Johnny. I'll just have to join the throng. xx