Monday, September 21, 2009

worthy of sharing? ...winds of change...

Autumn breaks through the barriers
of the late Summer Sun
Harvest has begun...

Leaves come to shroud the dissonance
that build upon the lands
readying themselves for Winter's long embrace

She comes...
He goes...

They move in separate ways.
yet, mysterious ones.
For what was known
is incomplete...

Autumn carries with it
a breath of exuberant air!
the dissonance so greatly needs.

come now lover
do not wait for the frost.
come now lover
when the leaves begin their dance
among smoky grey blue skies,
where the hawks fly
in unison,

bringing messages to those that
need them...

windows lay open for those last seasonal
breezes that blow,
bring change,
a new perspective
new opportunities

come now lover while the Sun streams through
the trees, and rises in the east hills of green, still,
yet becoming gold, red, orange.

come now lover
do not wait any longer
as the earth is readying herself
i ready myself for you...


image source: Messages of the Hawk by Calli ~ This is an old painting that was published a few years ago, but one I would clearly make some changes to now. Yet, I still love the meaning behind it!

Welcoming Autumn...
welcoming you...
some new pics at: G A R A H S T A H


Steve E. said...

Been reading you...been viewing galleries of your paintings, Love them all--well, some more than others--red is my favorite color, whether it is lips, a dress, or.....

Dulce said...

Oh my dear Calli,
It's clear inspiration is not gone, and I am so glad for this. You genius of words and paint, how can be autumn be better described together with the love which so easily sprouts from you.
I just love both your poem and painting, my dearest artist! :)

Chuck Dilmore said...

awesome, Calli!
the world spins smoother
when we come here and find something
with your signature!

this is beautiful!
the literal and the symbolic...
you do it all so wonderfully!


Karen said...

Calli - This is your most beautiful and poignant poem yet, I think. This is beautiful in the contrasts and counterpoint.

Lovely painting, too!

Shadow said...

i see autumn in your painting... i feel autumn in your words... how i love that moody of seasons!!!

Catvibe said...

Oh my goodness you have been very very busy since last I visited! This poem, this painting, and all your new paintings, so wonderful. You capture something magical in the faces of your subjects, and the metaphors are perfect.

It's good to immerse again in Calliland. A big hug to you sis.

Calli said...

Steve~ Oh, I know you love that Red! Thank you...

Dulce~ You are incredibly generous, thank you very much, dear girl!

Chuck~ You say the nicest things, always, thank you, Mr!...So appreciated!

Karen~ That is high praise coming from you who weaves such lovely poetry and the most magical of tales.

Shadow~ Why, thank you...Fall is the best! :)

Cat~ you are sweet, thank you! Hmmm, my own Land. Wow, I have always wanted my own Kingdom...;)

Midnight Whisperer said...