Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the ties that bind us...

the ties that bind us
16 x 20 ~ acrylic on canvas

close~up of the ties that bind us

Have you ever looked outside of yourself for understanding?
When inside, you were completely in a place of knowing and loving who you are?
Only to find that you still looked beyond you. Sure, we all do it.
It is a basic human need to wish
to be understood.
Particularly by those we love.
Aside from love, I think this is our greatest need
and in many ways they, go hand-in-hand.

Maybe we need to learn
to cut those strings of need...?
because we may never get that
UNDERSTANDING...and maybe, just having our own ~ is enough!

*when I first did the sketch for this painting. I had the image arrive on the paper of a
ventriloquists doll. The original sketch looked exactly like one of those dolls. I then drew the strings.
I actually had that idea a long time ago, while thinking to myself, do we live strictly by our own choices or is the Universe actually pulling the strings? Like an omnipotent puppeteer directing us to and fro. Do we follow fate or does fate do the creating? Then the idea came about cutting the strings, and finally she became about the desire for understanding. Always, from original concept to the final painting, evolving takes place, and changes are made and often that seems to be the process for me.


Karen said...

Beautiful, Calli! On first looking at the complete painting, I missed the strings, so caught up was I in the textures of the painting. It was a delightful surprise to find them, adding a completely new layer of meaning to the painting. I was reminded of the fates from mythology. One of them spun the thread of our lives and another cut the thread when our time was over. How close this is to your discussion of the creation of the work, only your cutting leads to life! Great work!

Shadow said...

wow, calli! this is stunning. love the strings, the scissor cutting them, the leaves falling all around... you're a wonderful artist!

SarahA said...

I like this one. I like the whole concept of such.Your words thought provoking too.

Chuck Dilmore said...

awesome work...
she seems at one with the Universe,
despite the chaos around her.
(it's not touching her.)

nice, Calli!

Dulce said...

I love those scissors cutting down those bonds, which are the ones who (or which) control our lives... Yes I 've thought about that too- many times..., it's all written beforehand... no matter how much we try to change it... fate governs!
Great you've cut them!
beautiful work... I love your paintings and your descriptions of them...
Sweet Love!

Calli said...

Thank you so much, each of you!
To have a painting interpreted by those viewing it, is pretty cool.

Hope to have my latest posted over the weekend~
And, so it begins, have a great weekend!:)