Friday, September 4, 2009

play with me...

be so alive
as to feel every sense
every nuance
...of love
...of play
...of joy
kiss me then run
i will catch you
we will come together

fall to the sands

play is
a vital
essential to living!

essential in love!

recipe for living & loving:
1 part play
1 part sensuality
1 part lust
1 part humor
1 part chemistry
1 part compatibility (in mind, body & soul)
1 part respect
1 part equality
1 part kindness

1 part Joie de vivre! ( an extra pinch of this never hurts)...
fold ingredients together, lovingly
and VoilĂ 
you have LOVE...



image source: couples_swept_away_couple2


Steve E. said...

Calli, you done did it again! Girl, I HAD to copy this out--your recipe for "LOVE". IF I ever use it you will receive full credit, I promise.

It is comprehensive and beautiful, Babeeee!

Dulce said...

Lovely game you present here dear Calli!
And I love your exquisite recipe. I guess, though, finding ALL those ingredients in just one cake is going to be kind of difficult.
I'll pray and pray
and visit all the shops in my land until I can put it altogether in one (?) Smiles {}

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...


I love your recipe - have actually succeeded with it a couple of times!

You are an alchemist with words, images, and clearly with feelings. You evoke such sensuality, peacefulness and an ethereal magic here. (The men must be lined up down the block!)

Chuck Dilmore said...

if you can describe it
then you can have it.

you have it.

spottedwolf said...

I think I'd titled this "Verbatim" Calli.....