Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a poet to call my own...

A poet to call my own…

Wouldn’t that be something?

Would I, could I, ever tire of his words?

I think not! As his words, the lines of his poems

Would read like deep *sighs* that we’d both breathe after we’ve made love

A continuation of foreplay, after play, anything play

A melding, a meshing, our souls entwined in bliss!

His words would be like candy, ever so sweet

That I would ask him repeatedly to breathe new words and verse

To feed my heart, my soul!

A poet to call my own

Now, wouldn’t that be something?

© ~ Calli 2009

written Valentine's Day 2009 - all in fun! - what better time to think of love and all the possibilities of that!

image source: blog skin


Shadow said...

for fun? may be. but what a wish! may have to steal it, heee heee heee

Catvibe said...

And you do have one, you!

steveroni said...

Calli, your writing this day was a surprise--sort of--as who of us, woman AND man, does not want more, and better, "all my own"? It is almost as God wishes the same, He wants ALL to love, honor, obey, and adore Him FIRST.

Calli, you wrote: "His words would be like candy"?? I believe there is much sweeter than candy--mine is HERSHEY BARS -grin!
...Maybe someting like that God-Nectar of the ancient Greeks?

Love your daily blogs, as do many...BTW, I went to "Catvibe" and
I have no intention on intruding into your "Girl-world". I'm going to ask her permission to read her blogs, when she publishes. I'll try NOT to comment (intrude) but these are the kind of readings which keep an old man (me!) young!
And I do not mean just the "sex"-type imaginations...but the caring, the understanding, the love, the touch--those things!
In honesty, you betchum,
Steve E.

spottedwolf said...

some say to fall in love is the most beautiful expression of God's gift of life......some say God is the one to love......I say love is all there is for its form merges with our ideas of God, and then flows beyond all know love is to be loved........and that is pure truth and poetry....and I must agree with Miss Catvibe

John-Michael said...

How lovely is a yearning Soul ... Better yet, One that speaks of its yearnings. The atmosphere is enhanced, the environs made more comfortable, and Bliss is known in simply Being. You exhale the nectar of just such a reality ... and I inhale each aspect of You ... as a fresh Breath. Thank YouDear One, for your Presence.

Lovingly ...

Chuck Dilmore said...

intoxicating, Calli!

for the reader, the writer, and whomever is fortunate enough to be the cause of the pen's movement.

you're on a wave, i can tell!

Karen said...

That would, indeed, be something! Wow!

Chuck Dilmore said...

even subsequent reads are...

SarahA said...

Yes wouldn't that be something. Beautifully said, you.

Noelle said...

This is lovely!!