Sunday, April 19, 2009

love has invaded my being...

I didn’t even know your name
Yet somehow, it whispered upon my soul

A reason for our hearts to touch
Before all else…

Here you are and a reason must exist
It must!

You are here inside me!
Having dwelled there for sometime now

It’s as if my heart could not make this up!

It tells of lovely stories of Happily Ever After!

It makes me shudder at glimpses of pure ecstasy!
Soul knowledge, what other explanation?
For this love!
For this beauty!

Is my sanity to be questioned, or am I truly touching
Within this magic realm?
This place

Where fairy tales are made…

© Calli 2009

image source: love film by i am a mermaid princess


Steve E. said...

You really are good, you know?

Karen said...

Is this a new love, Calli? You've certainly been showing your romantic soul. Sounds great, and I hope it is real for you.

~CJ said...

You must be in a very good place with your significant other to be so inspired to write of the joys of love.

Nice to see positive poems for a change. I've seen so many jaded ones lately that it can get quite depressing!

John-Michael said...

Only One who, has inhabited such a Place, can speak so wondrously of it. For you magical forays into that experience ... I thank you for inviting me along.