Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love your body, baby!

But it’s your soul that I want to touch!

I love kissing your sweet lips

But it’s your smile that makes my heart swoon!

I love your strong arms

But it’s the strength they provide that moves me!

I love your face

It lights up my world!

I love your legs

But it’s walking with you through life

That means the most to me!

I love your eyes

But it’s what they see and how they see it - that does it for me!

I love your hands

And, I want to hold them forever!

I love your mouth

But it’s the breath of life

That passes through that endears me most to you!

I love your broad shoulders

But it’s the way they carry the weight of your world

That impresses me most!

And I love…

I love…

I love Everything about you!

© Calli 2009

image title: love

note: I write of love because love is the single most important thing in life, and as one of my favorite quotes states: "Love is not an emotion, it is our very nature ~ Ravi Shankar



ps~ the water in this image is supposed to be rippling, though the animated gif is not functioning here at blogger.


Chuck Dilmore said...

Ooo, it's ripplin' all right!

Steve E. said...

Calli, for me, love IS everything, there is nothing else. God is everything, everywhere, before, during, after--forever. And God IS love.

You may notice, as you occasionally check my blog, that I write frquently (every day?) of Love, God's love, my own love...for all life, seen and unseen. I cannot help myself if i wished to NOT be this way. It is ME!

That being said, I am at least one--surely there are many--who shall never, ever, tire of writings of love, no matter which kind of love is of the moment.

Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your creativity.

Only thing you EVER wrote here with which I have an "issue" (hate that word!) is your caveat, that whole paragraph above the words "Love, Calli". Unnecessary--totally
unnecessary! With my own 'mistakes' I figure whoever might have a problem will just assume I wrote them purposefully.

Speaking of "love" blog today--I LOVE it!

Calli said...

That certainly brought a smile, Chuck, thank you for that! :)

Calli said...

Steve~ What a lovely message, ty! and you are absolutely right. I am going to do away with that 'unnecessary' paragraph.

Thanks for pointing that out to me!:)

laughingwolf said...

nicely wrought, calli... most impressive

Shadow said...

love IS all important.

John-Michael said...

This is so exquisitely stated. Only One who has been enveloped in such an awareness, can speak so intimately, and legitimately of it. I am glad that You have such a Place in your Life Experience. I want Life's best beauties for you. You, Dear Calli, are Worthy!