Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Is that you?
Having arrived from some not-so-distant place

With a remembrance of past
Where and when you
Showered love upon me!
And, it was reciprocated with absolute joviality!

It strikes deeply!
Such a deep, deep, and compelling resonance
Whatever ‘this’ is…
Wherever ‘that’ was…

Had its beginning in an Echo!

A quiet thing that has stood the test of time
Though time, time is but an illusion,
Yet this echo carried in the collective consciousness
This particular part belonging
Only to you and to me!

This is OUR ECHO…

That will reverberate for ALL ETERNITY!

© Calli 2009

image source: Couple in love by Martin Richiardone


Printemps said...

This is lovely...echoes!

Echo deeply means 'sound'and you perfectly expressed it...

Shadow said...

a beautiful echo!

Abbey said...

Hey chick, sorry I havent been by,,, have a few 'white' pics to send you but have lost your email.... did you change layouts, i miss the angel and the rosary :)
talk soon love...abz

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow... another
beautiful one, Calli!

you seem to have found
the very center of some
lovely energy!

and you're translating for us, sharing all of this beauty. thank you!

keep it on the magic~

Steve E. said...

Calli, interesting stuff, ECHO--Neat-o! And Eternity. I've devoted some thought to that...about 2 minutes one day-grin! And came up (Oooops!) with this--my thinking, not even yet an opinion:

Eternity is nothing more, nor less than NOW, this moment. (Time is but an illusion--YESSSSS!) IOW, everything which ever happened, or will happen--everything--happened in that moment. That echo-moment, in which each of us, all of us are joined somehow, and also, somehow, we are all (as they say?) ONE!

Sometimes these are pleasant thoughts, other times ugly pictorials of our lives as I'd rather not consider. But, ONE it is! ...Or zero?

I better quit while you're thinking "That guy is really crazy, but OK!" instead of "That guy Steve is crazy--he must be locked up before he hurts someone or himself..."

BTW, the "ONE" I'm writing about, that one is........LOVE, the only real power which subjugates all other 'power'. That IS an opinion!
Love it, feel it, drown in it, share it, wrap around it, inside, outside, and breathe it...deeply!

I've written Waayyyyy Too much. So sorry -grin!

Catvibe said...

Calli, my soul sister, I like this poem, it does doesn't it, echo for all eternity? Every love I've ever known, so many echoes that the quiet stillness shakes like an earthquake from the noise at times, quiet times, when we listen. So... poems, paintings, clay sculptures, multimedia movies, all the manifestations we can think of to let into the world a harmonic reverberance of all those echoes we hear.

~CJ said...

Stumbled upon your blog.
Lovely poems from a lovely lady!

Hope to read more soon (and check out your artwork too)


John-Michael said...

Your " reciprocated with absolute joviality!" breathed fresh live into cherished Memories. (You do that OFTEN!)