Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New paintings...

Lady in Red

I've decided that Garahstah - Picture Maker (Native American in Iroquois) should remain as the blog where I post new paintings or works-in-progress or other artistic musings, so as not to clutter up my Shades of Grey.

The following are a few paintings that I've not posted as yet to my art site, must get to work on that! These are experimental pieces. One 'Lady in Red' (see above) she's been re-done almost completely. If you visit my site you will see she had alabaster skin and now she is more textured, (she writes not knowing what word she is looking for)? I have also been experimenting on masonite board, which proves to be a nice little alternative to canvas, especially when I'm out of it, first time ever.

Comments are welcome gems and please do visit often!

~ Calli

Artist ~ for lack of a better title

Artist ~ up close & personal (close-up view)


Down on my Knees

Autumn Storm
experimental ~ acrylic on masonite board - landscape


Chuck Dilmore said...

wow, these are - ALL! - fabulous pieces, Calli!

very impressive.
and the touch something inside.

thank you!

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Beautiful work! Love the song that plays on your blog- LuLu To Sir w/Love, I think? One of my favs! Very nice.

Steve E. said...

Calli, I recall about three years ago playing at one of the galleries on "Gallery Row" in Naples (FL). Owner's name JAMALI, also the artist if ya didn't figure that out -grin!

I "fell in love" with a LADY IN RED, a painting, almost lifesized, about $15,000. I told Jamali about my feelings...and he took me into the rear of the store and introduced me to her.

Now there were three "REDS" in the house, the painting, the live one, and ME, blushing red from head to toe. I went out to the front and played "Once I Had A Secret Love"!

Doctor Phil, do you think I'm a so-called "romantic?"

Anonymous said...

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really like this one; you. That's seven 'really' because I REALLY like.