Saturday, April 18, 2009

bohemian bliss...

bohemian bliss

this is where WE
shake off our day-to-day existence
run barefoot and free…

this is where WE
touch and hold…

this is where we are safe
nothing can take this away!

our paradise!
we are in our eternal element

no rules
no religion
this is ‘our’ religion!

this is where out truest selves
can shine …

our impassioned hearts
can ride those waves
uninhibited and fancy-free!

oh, how blissful!
come away with me!

a place, a state-of-mind?
it matters not!

just meet me here in this
bohemian bliss!

© Calli 2009

image source: vsmith photobucket


Steve E. said...

Hi, Calli-Girl!

No tags for "Gratitude Lists", they are a very common tool for recovery. A list helps me to realize how many gifts I've been given by my Higher Power, and my AA program, and sobriety. AND the fact that it is not ME (I) who is doing is WE! (Just as your writing, first line, claims.)

Hey this has NOTHING to do with your excellent-as always-exciting (yesss!) blog this evening. Calli, I read this blog three times, now four.

Something is hiding in there, hiding from every person who is afraid to admit that, "I, too, in all honesty, could find myself in 'that place, that state of mind, mattering not'..."

Thank you, Girl.

james oh said...

You need lots of courage to do this because it is out of norm. It is very natural for us to limit yourself, you are so special to be able this invisible and remind us on this issue, which is very common to neglect this crucial point in life. Thank you very much, Calli. You are our light.

Chuck Dilmore said...

your words
and images
and choices
are all lovely...

how does one person do all this!

beautiful, Calli!

John-Michael said...

To know such "a place, a state-of-mind?", is to possess infinite Bliss. I am grateful for your guiding my Being into that realm. The visits are precious.