Monday, April 20, 2009


dreams beginning
forming as the waves crash to the shore!

dreams unfettered, solid and pure!

dreams colorful and enchanting ...

dreams of you and me

holding hands and crossing that bridge
the one with all the fallen leaves …

dreams of walking your city streets
and my country roads …

dreams, baby of making love
on the beach

with the wet, hot sand touching our bodies!

dreams of pressing our lips together
as the passion reigns us in

fingers pressing against flesh


of kissing you ~ you kissing me


© Calli 2009

*and you wonder why she never wants to wake up!

image source: dream by han wu shen


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Calli -- your words are a blessing -- so true and at times uncomfortably honest. A sign of true art.

John-Michael said...

I once told my minister's wife (in response to her statement that I was missed on sunday mornings) that I received far more spiritual healing and enhancement from the spirit and soul of Charles Kuralt's words and visitations on CBS Sunday Morning, than I ever received from the preachings of her husband. She understood. (I also wrote to, and told Charles Kuralt how much I appreciated him.) Thank you for your Offerings, that are so-frequently on the same pages that I enjoy.

Chuck Dilmore said...

these are all
so book-worthy!

thank you for penning them
and for playing them for us!


Steve E. said...

Calli, you commented on steveroni: "I may not be a peep, but I am a kindred- so basically same thing right?

all in fun and it's all good!"

Steve sez: "Kindred" is not a "peep". But Calli--you are BOTH! OK?
...and "fun" IS "good"! Now we got the definitions out of the way, what next? Oh yeah, your oh, so striking work, the LADY IN RED.

I want her for my desktop--nowhere else. (Husky panting voice) "I must haave hurh." Can that happen?

She (tonight, at least) seems to be saying, "How could you DO that to me?" and I'm almost in tears for her...well, not really. But you know what I mean.....

Calli said...

Oh Steve~ you are something else, I know the difference between a peep and a kindred - I did that on purpose and you of all CRAZY people, should know that ;)!!!

and once I stop laughing-out-loud long enough you may have the LADY IN RED, in jpg form for your desktop...okay?

Shadow said...

yes indeed, why wake up.... maybe 'cause it can happen???