Monday, April 20, 2009

monday, monday - painting blue skies ...

Painting blue skies today! regardless of the overcast 'real' skies that carry with them this looming feeling. Mondays can be quite dull and also a bit melancholy...I prefer Tuesdays! :) and sometimes...

“There is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the grass” ~ Charles Kuralt

image source: time for a change by LoLo Malaya


~CJ said...

Mondays are always the worse day of the week for me. It's pouring here but that's okay. It's a perfect backdrop for my overcast mind. The good news: Spring is here and everything is bursting forth with new life. I'll spend every waking free moment I have in the garden from now until the first frost of Fall.

Calli said...

Absolutely! Just this morning my tulips have popped up everywhere, the early variety kind ~ Spring has Sprung!

you know CJ, ~ I sense a great poem title here! ~ "It's a perfect backdrop for my overcast mind." :)

~CJ said...

Ya know, I've been inspired to write a poem lately but I don't want to write a negative one.

I seem to oscillate between both light and dark poems as well as artwork.

Both age and wisdom seems to jade a soul over time and I've become more of a realist than a romantic these days but the romance side hasn't been completely snuffed out yet!

In fact, I find your poems quite inspiring so you may see one posted soon :)

Thanks for the inspirtation

~CJ said...

Um, that last word was suppose to read 'inspiration'

I've made up a new word!

A freudian slip perhaps? ;)

Shadow said...

tuesday, any day, except monday!

Steve E. said...

Sorry, but maybe I have lived just enough mondays, I don't even capitalize their name now.

At a meeting this morning I had to ask my chair partner what day this is
and she said, "You gotta be kidding", so I said "Yep!" (But I was not kidding -grin!).

If we have six "depression-type" mornings a year in Naples, it is more than normal. Maybe by afternoon, clouds, but scattered.

BTW, when CJ wrote "Thanks for the inspirtation", I misread it to read "Thanks for the insflirtation"!!!

Monday or's fun to be here, and I feel GREAT! How's THAT grab ya?

Chuck Dilmore said...

thanks to you
the day is anything but
dull & sad.

thanks for the blue brush!