Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know, if I had my own horse, I think I'd have to name him or her tuesday! I love this name and always loved the name on the actress tuesday weld!:) I also love horses and the dream (one of them) is to have a huge piece of land with lots of horses. I would have to have several as one would not be enough. I visit a horse that lives adjacent to my place and he is a sweetie but he's too small to ride. We all have our dreams, the life kind, the idea kind, the plans, the financial goal-setting kind but for me, the main one would be to create this sanctuary with more land, my (church) studio and horses. Maybe even raise some alpacas. I looked into this a few years ago and they are very cool and very lovable! So tuesday must be the 'dreaming' day! maybe that's why I like it so much!

hope your tuesday is sweet!
~ Calli

image source: obsession art


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I agree, Calli, there is something quite holy about horses. They are so dreamlike. But as a non-equestrian, I am always amazed when I come in contact with one, not by their flowing tails and stupendous beauty, but by their sturdiness and solidity, something quite undreamy. A nice reality underneath it all.

~CJ said...

The only downside to raising alpacas...

They will SPIT on you! :)

I love horses too but they are such huge and powerful animals and require so much space and care.

It's nice to have dreams though and, every once in a while, some actually do come true.

Shadow said...

now that is a beautiful dream, may it come true for you!

Steve E. said...

1. The hair of my violin bow is real horse hair, from the tails of Arabians.

2. As children, we each had our own horse "back on the farm". I did all my violin practicing in the horse barn, well out of sound of the human auditory nerve.

3. Only time I EVER gambled, my horse (at River Downs, Cincinnati) a 20-1 shot, was running ahead of the pack at the far turn, fell down, and had to be destroyed. I have never bought so much as a lottery ticket since that day.

4. Calli, pardon me if I sound like a preditor or something, but that is ONE SEXY photo up there on top of all this "horsey" stuff! WOW!

5, That is all. Love, "Stevekins" just thought I'd throw that in. Back in sixth grade, I was 'adopted' by three high school sophomore girls (literally the happiest and free-est time of my whole life!) and they called me Stevekins. If ever I have a "down day" all I have to do is remember that summer. Hmmmmmmmm! Yesssss!

Karen said...

Horses have a beauty and strength that frightens me a little. I love to watch them when they're on their own.

Tuesday's child is fair of face -- that for Steve!

james oh said...

I am glad to let you know that not only Tuesday is sweet to me, but everyday. Thank God for His blessings.

Dream is good and it navigate you to reach your destination. Thought I have materialized many of my childhood dreams, yet I have many unfulfilled dreams.

I believe your dream will come true one day. I am look forward to riding one of your horses to tour at your huge land you have just described, of course with your permission. This will be my additional dream, Calli.

Wish you all the best,

LORENZO said...

Horses mean money, I would have them too,(if I had money) with cows as well. That's an awesome dress that the woman has on in that picture.

Rainbow dreams said...

I always wanted my own horse, there is something so wild and free about the whole idea...
I have friends who have them,sadly I am so allergic to them I can't even share theirs!!
But it's still free to dream of it..

laughingwolf said...

as one born in the year of the horse, anything to do with horses quickly gets my attention, calli

but no, my name's not tuesday, though i agree, a neat name, and i did enjoy tuesday weld

Cynthia said...

You have the most amazing dreams.
And I must say: I Love this dress,
oh my gosh!

Like how the horse and the woman
echo one another. As if she just
sprang forth from his loins.