Friday, April 17, 2009


Like silkened waters
Rippling across small pebbles
Not without sharp edges...

You’ve arrived!

And I am unleashed and unfettered!

I have longed for the Sun
Though not as I have longed
For YOU!

What next…

© Calli 2009

Image source: Rapunzel by Araantonak on deviantart

Note: yes, apparently I’ve made up a word!


Chuck Dilmore said...

you are in
a place of greatness
and all of your Arts reflect that!

beautiful things
are coming to you.

Karen said...

What next, indeed! I can only imagine... :-)

~CJ said...

I love the passion in your poems!

Reminds me of those gush of intense feelings that one gets when love is new.

Shadow said...

oooooh, heavenly....

Steve E. said...

Well Calli -grin! One word did it for me: "Unfettered!" Coming in at close second: "Unleashed!"

Were there other words in this blog?

SarahA said...

Have you thought about maybe changing the end to:
'though not as much as I have longed for you!'
Just a thought, you. Take or trash.
Lovely words whatever.