Monday, April 27, 2009

an old painting made new...

Once again, I have taken an old painting and decided, just a couple hours ago that 'she', formerly titled 'Broken Open' needed to be revived, redone. So I gave her a makeover, and titled her 'Self-Portrait'... She is a red-head and even though I am not, I decided she should remain as one. Besides, I like to paint different hair colors on my paintings. She is roughly me, but this holds true for many of my figurative works because 'symbolically' they are me, or an aspect of me. This is true for many artists. ~ If you have an issue with nudity, please do not click the link to my art blog

if you are okay with nude art, by all means click the link. This is only my second attempt at painting a nude figure. I actually look forward to doing many more in the near future.

The before is 'Broken Open', a rather sad version and not very good, but I am rather pleased with how she turned out after her makeover.
You can also click any painting on the art blog and it will enlarge the painting for you to view closer up.

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thanks gems!


laughingwolf said...

i'm not afraid or offended, and think the redo is super! :)

Cori Lynn Berg said...

I love the color of the background... good job on the reworking.

james oh said...

The redo is promising and rewarding. You should press on to your goals if it is what you are looking forward to.
Have a nice day,

Steve E. said...

Calli, at the risk of sounding trite...well, I like everything you do, the painting, the prose, the poetry, the commenting, the "just being YOU".

You're an inspiration. And God is working through you, also! So you have THREE angels, that's just not fair!

Well, I've got one, and it is GOOD! Name is Flex (Flexible!). You must name your angels, they deserve THAT much from us.

~CJ said...

You've definitely breathed new life into the painting!

Totaly love it

Catvibe said...

I was astounded when I saw this because I was just painting a very similar self portrait the other day, about a week ago. I love it, she is gorgeous, and the red hair is perfect. I have red hair in my fantasies at times. :-) Next life maybe... I love that you can just paint you however you want to look even if you don't look that way at all, and know that it is still you.

Calli said...

Thank you gems, all of you, for such wonderful comments!

and to Cat, thank you, my creative soul-sister. I loved your observation. Next time, I think I'm going brunette, no, maybe's so much fun isn't it. Hope to see your portrait soon~