Tuesday, April 28, 2009

shades of grey...

you are in those places
those indiscernible
impenetrable places

however did you get in?

those crevices in my mind
within those shades of grey
betwixt & between

at times obviously so
at times when I am subtly low

the wind, it seems, has carried
you with keen direction
towards me

during these forced quiet moments
you conceal yourself
scrambling for distance
causing deepened wants
along with
a developing abyss

humor displayed, if only
to camouflage hurts
and a weary heart

deceptions unfurled
as if a sail on a laser sailboat

impalpable you!

me with weakened senses…
which were once dynamic?

then a soft whisper arrives
from a distance…

“rain and quiet and rest…all essential

all designed to soothe the pain.”

© Calli ~ 2009
In part, a beautiful collaboration … thank you,
for the whisper!

image source: 2c_amanda_169L


Steve E. said...

Impalpable you...Wow! And "the whisper"--or the whisperer? You weave together and tightly bind the
beautiful words ...beautifully!

Thank you, Calli, for your work, and for my/our meditations on the human condition, LOVE, and the soul which perceives.

laughingwolf said...

yes, sweeps one up and rushes you headlong... to quietude....

James Oh said...

Calli, I agree and love the last phrase saying “rain and quiet and rest…all essential all designed to soothe the pain.” Thanks for your reminder. Grace and peace to you.

Calli said...

Thank you James, those particular words; the whisper, I cannot take credit for...someone whispered those words to me. I simply received them as a gift!

Grace and peace to you as well!

And thank you gems for such kind comments!


SarahA said...

And I love how you write too; you!
You seem to have that softness of the Soul that can actually speak to the reader (well this one anyway).

Catvibe said...

rain and quiet and rest...all essential. This one is so beautiful...