Monday, April 20, 2009

the gift...

The gift

Woman is a gift to Man

As Man is a gift to Woman

The right man, a loving man

Not a bully or a passive aggressive

Nor a possessive or obsessive

Same for a woman, she cannot be these things and have a Man.

The true gift of one another comes from

The purest state of:

Man to Woman

Women to Man

A balanced Man

A balanced Woman

A respect for the masculine and the feminine

a balance of both possessed within

Yin and Yang!

His strength ~ Her gentleness

All the same…

To be treasured ~ To be loved ~ To be adored

To become Whole separately then,

and only then...

Become Two souls Joined as One!

That’s the gift!

© Calli 2009

image source: love gift by firenzesca


Steve E. said...

Calli Babe! YOU are on a roll this day. Aphrodite has showered her stars over you, and I believe her son has wrangled himself in there somewhere...really well thought words, both sensual and loving, and SO important, GIVING (same as 'true' loving?)...true love being the gift of oneself to another?

Those words 'balance' and 'balanced' scare me a little, they border on perfection. That's something we might strive for, but never realize, IMO.

LADY IN RED is lookin' goood. FUN!

james oh said...

Balance is the key to stay together happily. The man's strength compliment the woman's weakness. Similarly, the man's weakness compliment by the woman's strength. Both combine not only make it ONE, but PERFECT ONE. Beautiful and meaningful poet, I love it and read it several times. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful gift. We love you.

Shadow said...

aaah, yes, very true words here!

Rainbow dreams said...

so true Calli

Printemps said...

Calli, I enjoyed reading this...truly!

Man and Woman are reflection of Creation!