Thursday, April 23, 2009

you are love...

You are Love!

In my dreams you were

all things tender

Now, look at you!

Look at you here now, as you caress my face

with a gentleness I’ve never known nor witnessed

You touch me as if I am a delicate piece of bone china and I will break

and shatter underneath your fingertips.

You examine my lips

as if they are

the most exquisite

Piece of art known to man

You are Love!

I am melting in this desire for you

this cherished moment

that I have ached for, for what feels like a 1,000 years

and dreamt a 1,000 times

Your love has surpassed the love

in all fairy tales and myths combined!

The intensity

of this love with you is beyond me

beyond comprehension

beyond anything!

This is what it is to be


There is a purity in your touch

that matches so completely the touch

Of God and the Angels

You embody everything ever contained

within the soul of every lover who has ever existed in the history

of Man

You are Love!

and you leave me breathless...

© Calli 2009

image source: sort of unknown- I title it 'Tenderness' - I can't locate its origins but I will say this, it is one of the most tender of all photographs of lovers, that I have ever encountered.


Marty said...

You have a beautifully created blog page.... very impressive!

james oh said...

Your love has surpassed the love
in all fairy tales and myths combined! I love this phrase deeply because it reminds me of God's unconditionally love towards everyone of us.

Thank God and grace to you,

SarahA said...

Very tender, your words so soothing; you!
Ha ha ha ha! I think you maybe morphing into me, you!
You Me, Me You, You Me! I'm gonna have to go write a Scribble of that!

laughingwolf said...

breathless... as in the jerry lee lewis song, calli? ;) lol

Chuck Dilmore said...

thank you for
sharing with us
your softest fire!

Shadow said...


Cynthia said...

Wonderful Love, indeed. Your poem
is one of the most beautiful poems
on tender love I have read in a
very long time, Calli.

Oh! the way he is holding her face
makes me swoon.