Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Contemplation: In basic terms it is a form of prayer or meditation.

For me, contemplation is something that I've indulged in since I was very young, though I wasn't even aware of what it was I was involved in. I have always been in my head, and have been one to think deeply on various issues, ideas, and theories. This is what I refer to as the 'philosophical soul' aspect of myself. There is also the 'mystical aspect' of myself that arrived almost unbeknownst. I have learned that there are times and things that should just be allowed to happen or not happen. We should never force and fight against change and inevitable new experiences. We have all heard the expression 'go with the flow' and this is what we should be doing. I have learned that Spirit or God or God/Goddess
works in such mysterious ways that we simply need to go within, request,
release extraneous thoughts, rest and then eventually we receive.

This most treasured and beautiful quote by Rumi, the mystic poet comes to mind:

When I die
I will soar with angels
And when I die to the angels,
What I shall become
You cannot imagine.

© Calli 2009
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Cori Lynn Berg said...

Lovely, Calli. Accepting change goes right along with the serenity prayer and accepting what is out of our control. Rather than fighting against change, looking for new ideas, experiences, ways of being yet to be discovered. Become an archaelogist of life.

Steve E. said...

Calli, you speak of

Comtemplation,,,and all my life I've called it "day-dreaming." But it was not--always carefully thought out scenarios of everything, especially stuff like: Nature's Building Blocks", "Creation", the "Nature of Things". Boy I AM dreaming, I'd guess -grin!

Dreaming and grinning, because I LOVE IT ALL!

Karen said...

This is lovely, Calli, both the meditation and the poem. Learning to accept things is one of the hardest, yet most freeing things, we can do.

I've always been "in my head", too.

Steve E. said...

Calli, there is an award hanging over at steveroni for you.

paulwchambers said...

that place; the harbour of ourselves.....

rumi (and you) get me every time

Shadow said...

a magical post. in all aspects.

~CJ said...

"I have always been in my head"

Striking insight but I guess this is true for everyone. In a way we are kind of prisoners within our own minds. Nobody else can see through our eyes. Nobody else can experience our own feelings or thoughts.

If the mind is happy then the body follows suit but if the mind is troubled and perplexed then it can affect the health of the body.

To quote the wisdom of Morpheus-
'The body cannot live without the mind'


If only I could tap into the Energy that feeds your creative mind :)

SarahA said...

Yes beautiful, you and very much akin to my own thoughts.

Rainbow dreams said...

that is a wonderful quote, and a beautiful post.. am feeling some of that at the moment.. but we should be doing it all the time, thanks Calli